Social Media Check-Ins: Do we really give a thought?

Social Media Check-ins - A seemingly harmless activity - Disconnected Life - PrivCam - Safe Secure and Encrypted Camera
Social Media Check-ins – A seemingly harmless activity – Disconnected Life – PrivCam – Safe Secure and Encrypted Camera

We love social media check-ins; the first thing that we do is to post something marking where we are. Whether it is a nice cafe or a bar, and hey sometimes the library. However, while we all do this, we do not realise how this information in public can harm us. Do you want to know how Social media check-ins can harm you?

Sure, let’s dive into another tale from the concrete jungle of New York City, where the lights are bright, and the city never sleeps. Meet Danny, a born and bred New Yorker with a love for the nightlife and a penchant for sharing his every move online.

Danny was your typical city slicker – always on the move, hopping from one bar to the next, checking in online at every spot. If you needed to find Danny, all you had to do was check his social media. From the hippest underground clubs in Brooklyn to the swankiest rooftop bars in Manhattan, his digital footprint was everywhere.

One Friday night, Danny decided to hit the town with his buddies. They had a whole night planned out – starting with drinks at a trendy Lower East Side bar, followed by a dance at a renowned club in Midtown, and who knows where the night would end.

At every stop, Danny checked in, tagging the location and even the friends he was with. It was all in good fun – sharing the moment with his followers, showing off the vibrant NYC nightlife. But little did Danny know, his online check-ins were telling a story he hadn’t intended to share.

You see, while Danny was out living it up, someone else was taking an interest in his whereabouts. Not a friend, not a follower, but a burglar who had been eyeing Danny’s apartment for a while. This crook knew Danny lived alone, knew he had some valuable gadgets, and thanks to those real-time check-ins, knew exactly when Danny wouldn’t be home.

So, while Danny was shaking it on the dance floor, this burglar made his move. By the time Danny returned to his apartment in Queens, his door was ajar, and his place had been ransacked. His laptop, gone. His sound system, gone. Even his prized collection of sneakers, gone.

But the story doesn’t end there. Those check-ins? They revealed more than just Danny’s love for the nightlife. They showed patterns – when he was likely to be out, who he was with, and even hinted at his social circle. For marketers, this is gold – they can target Danny with ads tailored to his habits. For someone with ill intent, it’s a playbook on how to disrupt Danny’s life.

Social Media Check-ins: Can we do it need based?

Now, I’m not saying you should quit social media or stop sharing your life’s highlights. But there’s a lesson to be learned from Danny’s tale. Think before you check in. Are you giving away too much? Could someone piece together your routine from your posts? It’s not just about privacy; it’s about safety, too.

In a city as bustling as New York, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and share every moment. But remember, the city is watching, and so is the internet. Share the fun, but keep some details to yourself. Maybe wait to post that check-in until you’ve left the spot, or skip the location tag altogether.

In the end, Danny still enjoys the nightlife, but he’s a bit more cautious about his online presence. He still shares the vibe but saves the specifics for himself. Because in the city that never sleeps, you never know who’s watching. So, party on, New Yorkers, but let’s keep it savvy in the digital age.

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