Phone in the kid’s hand – Stories (First of Five) – Peppa Pig is More Important

Phone in the kid's hand - Disconnected Life - PrivCam - World's First Safe Camera with 100 percent encrypted photos
Phone in the kid’s hand – Disconnected Life – PrivCam – World’s First Safe Camera with 100 percent encrypted photos

As mentioned, this is the first story of how phone in the kid’s hand can surprise you a lot of times.

So, there I was in the kitchen, trying to make lunch happen, while my little one was glued to my phone, deep into YouTube videos. Picture this: cartoons on full blast, and she’s totally zoned out to everything else. Meanwhile, my phone is my boss’s lifeline to me because something big and urgent has popped up at work, and he needs me, like, yesterday.

My boss starts calling. But here’s the kicker: every time my phone rings, my kiddo just swipes it away. “Nope, not today,” she decides, because apparently, Peppa Pig is way more important than any phone call could ever be. And texts from the boss? Forget about it; they didn’t stand a chance.

Phone in the kid’s hand – Peppa Pig is more important 🙂

Phone in the kid's hand - Disconnected Life - PrivCam - World's First Safe Camera with 100 percent encrypted photos - Child playing on phone

I’m in the kitchen, clueless, thinking all’s right with the world, while my boss is probably pulling his hair out trying to get through to me. He’s sending SOS messages left and right, and I’m just there, chopping carrots.

Finally, hitting a wall, my boss gets a bright idea. He digs around, gets my wife’s number from a coworker, and calls her. My wife picks up, and that’s when we finally catch on to the whole circus that’s been going on. I rush over, grab the phone from my little one (cue the puzzled look on her face), and see a battlefield of missed calls and texts.

After the dust settles, we managed to fix the work issue. But man, did it hit me – the little one was living in her bubble, and I was in mine, totally oblivious to the chaos brewing. From that day on, we decided to keep a better eye on work stuff, even when the cartoons are on. And maybe teach the kiddo not to hang up on people. It was a pretty funny mix-up, looking back. Just a regular day turning into a mini adventure because, you know, life with kids and work never goes as planned!

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